About Burma In Ya Belly

My name is Trish and I own a Catering Company on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia called Burma In Ya Belly

When I look back, the writing was clearly on the wall that I would eventually become involved in food and food production.

As the youngest of a Burmese immigrant family of 9, growing up in the Western Suburbs of Sydney in the 70’s, life was in fact for me, quite idyllic and without delving into too much history, ergo I bore you to death, I was from a family that loved three things – Togetherness, Food and Hospitality.

Flick some chapters forward and I would travel up and down the North Coast of Australia from Cairns to Maryborough, to Brisbane and back to Sydney and jaunts overseas, I would work many different contract jobs, ranging from events management, music sales, marketing, hospitality, money exchange teller for foreign cash, front of house in restaurants and bar management, Singer in a band, teaching English overseas, administration and accounts, always with back pack and suitcase at the ready, till I settled for some years on the Sunny Coast of Queensland…happy but still yearning for “more”.

It would be at the forefront of turning 40, that the mac truck moment would take place.

Mac Truck Moment? Well thats the one that hits you square in the face till your eyes cry and your nose burns, and you hurt because up until now you were just cruising about, and you now realise that its time to start “living” and not just existing.

I am sure I sat in the quietness of the self for a long time, the space between the monkey mind and the noise and haste of the every day when I realised it…

FOOD, FAMILY and BURMA – I reckon I shook my head in wonder at how obvious it was and so I set about “making it happen”.

Burma In Ya Belly was born on the 12th May 2011 but it would not begin “actual” trading till the January of 2012 where it sprung to being at Circle Of Life in the hinterland of the Sunshine Coast in Maleny, Queensland.

From catering jobs and markets stalls, to a friendly and welcoming reception from the Sunshine Coast community, and people who had travelled to Burma and fell in love with it and just wanted to relive a little of their experience, to unlikely lovers of the food who once said and I quote ” No I dont eat curry” – hmmm – Now they do 🙂 and now stepping into the retail world, and into Brisbane and beyond.

Its exciting times for me and my baby, and as I sit and type this, I am excited at the prospect of leaving for Burma this Friday on a trip to immerse myself back into the noise, colour and cacophony, food, friends and family will be included in this trip and I get to share it with my husband. He has been an instrumental player of Burma In Ya Belly and bringing it to life. A person who taught me how to incorporate passion and business, without foregoing my genuine desire to please my customers and introduce Burmese cuisines, my way to a wider Australian public.

Its exciting and I love it, and to me its not work, dont get me wrong – IT IS HARD WORK, but when I sit back and think about it, It’s not hard work when you love what you do – I am lucky to be able to do something I love and I hope you love it too.

Burma In Ya Belly – Get Some!


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